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The Frente de Defensa de la Amazonía (FDA), known in English as the Amazon Defense Coalition, is a grassroots organization in Ecuador's rainforest whose legal team is enforcing what is likely the most significant indigenous rights and environmental litigation in history – Aguinda v. Chevron.

The FDA represents Indigenous peoples and farmer communities in Ecuador who won a $12 billion pollution judgment against Chevron for the contamination and destruction of ancestral lands and waterways in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. The judgment was imposed by an Ecuador court in 2011 after an eight-year trial and later affirmed unanimously by two appellate courts, including Ecuador's highest court. Rather than pay, Chevron threatened the rainforest communities with a "lifetime of litigation” if they persisted.

The FDA is now collecting the judgment against Chevron's assets in Canada, where it has won three consecutive appellate court victories. The FDA is the sole beneficiary of the pollution judgment and has been charged by Ecuadorian courts with spending any funds recovered to ensure a comprehensive environmental remediation and the restoration of traditional lands, the provision of health care, and access to potable water.


Key Documents

Chevron Accused of $2 Million Witness Bribery Plot in Ecuador Pollution Case

Unanimous Canada Supreme Court Decision Allowing Lawsuit to Seize Chevron Assets

Chevron’s SLAPP Suit Against Ecuadorians: Corporate Intimidation

Chevron's Star Witness Admits to Lying in the Amazon Pollution Case


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